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Let's Learn Aikido

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Manual for Young Students
140 pages of fun illustrations
japanese language, history , dojo , uniform, rank,quizzes,etiquette ,warmups footwork , basic techniques and attacks,weapons glossary and more. All printed on high quality stock.
Francesco Dessi is a great role model!
In his wonderful children’s aikido book we find the joy, freshness, rigor, sincerity and the will to communicate his vision.
Thanks to Francesco and his book young students will have the best qualities of an Aikidoka to emulate.
by Christian Tissier from
Paris, France
Aikido’s Bright Future!
"Let's Learn Aikido" is a wonderful addition to any dojo's library. Francesco Dessi has done a great job, using beautiful illustrations to draw in and engage the young reader. His approach is fresh and positive, conveying the spirit of Aikido.
I look forward to training with these young readers in the future!
by Lia Suzuki from
AKI Los Angeles & AKI Santa Barbara
6th dan